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The Woodworkers Orphanage for homeless doors, windows & hardware comprises overproduction, stuff ups, excess stock, cancellations, consignments, dints & scratches, recyclings, seconds, samples & ex displays.
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Surian Cedar Loose - Full Fixed Blade Storm Shutter (Loose)

Full Fixed Blade Storm Shutter (Loose)


2040mm X 820mm
Qty: 1
Retail price: $645
XS price: $439
price is per single unit
Item: ACW0314
Photo from outside. Slight edge damage
Location: BEV
Hardware colour:
Condition: Condition 2
Species: Surian Cedar
Finish: Primed White (Oil base)
Frame width:
Warranty: Grade 3
ACW Series stock denotes joinery acquired from Woodworkers buyout of Colonial Warehouse Moorooka.
ACW series joinery: - may be constructed of mixed species timber or engineered; - may not match Woodworkers standard joinery; - may be constructed and glazed differently to Woodworkers joinery.
ACW series products are sold "as is" with Woodworkers warranty excluded.

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